LA CCS is Your Go-To Resource for Accessory Dwelling Units in California

What is an “ADU”?
Essentially an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a residential unit that is added to a lot with an existing single-family home. At LA CCS Inc., we make it our mission to create remarkable ADU solutions that suit your needs and budget. We handle everything from the permit process to customizing the design of your dreams. ADUs can be a separate building in a backyard, attached to or part of the primary residence, or even a garage conversion. ADUs are independent rental units that have living areas, entrances, bathrooms, and kitchens.

While similar to a guest house, an ADU should have its own kitchen, bathroom, dedicated entrance, and at least one parking space. California is on a mission to add as many rentals as it can into the housing market.

Know the Construction Process
LA CCS Inc. will determine whether or not your property can physically and legally support an ADU. Danny Yaninistki and team will make sure your proposed ADU is legal in your municipality.

ADU’s and the Laws of January 1, 2019, homeowners who built accessory dwelling units (ADUs) without the required building permits have the opportunity to bring their ADUs into compliance. For ADUs that were constructed without building permits, local building officials will now allow you to have your ADU inspected and apply the building standards that were in effect at the time the unit was constructed.

An additional recent update to state laws for ADUs
Effective January 1, 2018, legislature updated ADU law effective January 1, 2018, to define and improve various provisions to encourage the development of ADUs. These provisions included allowing ADUs to be built concurrently with a single-family home, an open area where ADUs can be made to include all zoning districts that will enable single-family uses, which would modify fees from utilities, such as special districts and water corporations, as well as reduce parking requirements.

Why build an ADU?
ADU’s provide additional space for caregivers, grown children, elderly parents, or renters. Adding an ADU is a significant investment and may be easier for homeowners to finance than some other big-ticket purchases, too. Some of the long-term benefits of accessory units include substantial rental income potential and the flexibility to house aging parents or adult children cheaply.

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